Vital Things That One Must Know About Car Batteries

life of a car battery

Car Battery acts as a driving force for any car, the power generated by the car battery is of utmost importance to kick start the engine. Apart from that car engine also handles several duties like powering lights, players, car radio and much more.

This one of the reasons the car battery is so essential for any automobile. Batteries are known as the lifeline of the Automotive Industry. Most car battery shops call it the heart and soul of the car since it is an essential part to govern the electrical system within the car.

A good battery provides impeccable support to the drivers. However, cars face extreme difficulties when there is some serious problem with the battery. In comparison to that, a bad car battery has a lot of disadvantages and makes the car suffer more in the long run.

The last thing we never think of is being left in the middle of nowhere or a dead battery and the most frequent thing that strikes the mind is immediate BMW Battery replacement.  Instead of exploring batteries and Audi car tire prices on websites, it is crucial to know the important information related to batteries. The better a person knows, the better chances he/she will not stick with a dead and bad car battery.

The lifespan of Batteries

The average lifespan of a car battery lasts from 3 to 5 years. The durability of a car battery depends on several factors like battery load, car usage profile, and much more

The car battery should be checked once it reaches the 3-year mark. It is very important to get familiar with the right time to get the battery replaced.

Additionally, a variety of habits largely affects the life of a car battery. Bad habits like an excessive strain on car batteries and exposure to extreme weather affect the battery in the longer run.

How does Car Battery work?

Car Batteries usually have sophisticated working. They consist of several chemicals and corresponding materials. The car starter initiates the striking required is getting the car battery working. When the spark reaches the battery cell, a variety of chemical reactions occur inside the battery.

Signs of degrading Battery

There are several ways to detect a dead car battery. These signs given by the top experts will help to get the battery replaced at the right time.

  1. Indicator Check- This one of the convenient ways to check the status of a battery. The engine light on the car dashboard lets detects the health of a car battery. This is an attentive sign of replacing the current battery with a new one.
  1. Foul Smell- This is yet another approach to easily detect a bad car battery. The foul smell is one of the signs that instantly guide you that there is a problem with your car battery. The battery leaks ensure that battery has run its course. This further indicates the corrosion of battery cable connections and deposition of dust and garbage on the contact points.
  1. Slower Engine- Engine performance is highly deteriorated by a weak Car Battery. This is usually noticed when the engine is slower to crank and behaves sluggishly. Another symptom is weird roaring sounds coming out from the engines
  1. Fluid levels- A car has multiple fluids and these enable smooth functioning of the car. They are stored in a translucent casing. This helps anyone regularly keep a check on the fluid levels. The levels of fluids can easily be improved by the addition of fluids on a regular basis.


While the car battery shops take care of this, one needs to look at the right mediums to safely dispose of a dead battery. Several companies and governments also offer guides for disposal.