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Why Buy Used?

Find Used Inventory right here at Humes CDJR

Whenever people start shopping around for their latest vehicle, they should be well aware of the fact that there are a lot of different options to choose from. Not only can you buy a new car, but you also have the option to shop a used inventory. At Humes CDJR, we make sure that our used vehicle inventory gives you all of the selection you could ever wish for. But why would you want to buy a used vehicle? Today we intend on answering that question for you! We are dedicated to giving you all of the information you need to make the best decision for your needs and your life. There is no wrong decision here, only the ability to figure out what vehicle suits your lifestyle and your budget. Keep reading down below to find out more information on why you should buy a used vehicle.

Better for environment

One reason that you might not have considered when looking for your next vehicle is that buying used is actually more environmentally friendly than other options. That’s because you are technically recycling a product, and using it for longer than the previous owner. This necessitates a lot fewer materials and production going into what you’re driving overall, because the vehicle is already older. This reduces the carbon dioxide output. You’ll even be impacting the environment less than even some of the newer models that have been advertised as being green.

Save money

Even if you aren’t necessarily concerned about your carbon footprint, you probably do love saving money. That’s why, when you get a used car, you are spending much less than when you buy a brand new vehicle. You also can likely save on financing fees, because many used vehicles give you more of an opportunity to pay in cash, which means you don’t have any additional fees to incur at any point, or any interest.

No more depreciation

Many times, when people buy a brand new vehicle, they lose a lot of their money due to depreciation. However, when you get a used vehicle, most of that depreciation has already occurred, which means you won’t be losing as much money. Sometimes used vehicles will even gain value, depending on the market and the model. That could mean that your used vehicle is a more sound investment.

Certified Pre-Owned options

Do you want some extra guarantees with your used vehicle? Then you can check out the CPO inventory that many dealerships, like ours, offer. You can buy a vehicle that is like new, but for a used vehicle price, and with all of the reliability and warranties that you want. There is no wrong decision to be made here!

Used Inventory at Humes CDJR

Are you ready to get behind the wheel of a used vehicle at Humes CDJR? Then it’s time for you to shop online, or simply stop by our dealership. Our sales professionals can help answer any questions you might have, and even offer their expertise. We’re here to serve you, no matter what!